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Do you often feel overlooked or misunderstood? Are you uncomfortable with the sound of your voice? Does the idea of public speaking fill you with dread?

Wouldn't you love to captivate audiences and compel them to act with just your voice? Your voice isn't merely a communication tool; it's a powerful connector and persuasive asset. However, its potential is often overlooked, leaving considerable professional and business advantages untapped.

Imagine what you could gain by honing your voice to its full potential. Increased sales? Promotions? Expanded opportunities?

Hi, I'm John Henny, a leading voice coach that has trained a range of individuals, from superstar singers to top-tier executives, in mastering their voices for maximum impact.


'The Compelling Speaker' will guide you in unearthing your voice's natural rhythm and melody, captivating interest through variations in pitch, tone, and pace.

This book empowers you to emotionally connect in any scenario and to dominate a room with your charisma and presence.

Discover effective strategies to combat stage fright and imposter syndrome, and learn valuable health tips to ensure your voice remains strong and resonant throughout your lifetime.

Unlock your potential with 'The Compelling Speaker'. This book is more than a guide – it's your key to a future where your voice resonates with power and persuasion. Your audience is waiting. Are you ready to be heard?


The Compelling Speaker

Includes BONUS online exercises! Get your copy today!

Available in both Kindle and print versions.


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