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"I'm carny trash. I blew my voice out when I was 18 and now I'm 64 and do a show in Vegas every night. Doctors gave me pills, shots, and inhalers to try to get me to be able to do a show every night so producers could make money. John gave me knowledge, techniques, exercises, and warm-ups that have worked. He made my job not just easier but possible. He knows stuff."

Penn Jillette - Penn and Teller

What Compelling Speaker Workshop Attendees are saying...

"I do not remember the last time I had such a fresh learning experience."

"John is easy to understand and even in a short time, presents a number of techniques and principles that would be useful to any leader."

"Very applicable to everybody, had a lot of great insights and actionable items."

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"I can recommend John to anyone looking to improve his or her voice."

Dr. Drew Pinsky
Loveline, Celebrity Rehab

"John has coached several of my clients, and his techniques really work."

Larry Rudolph
Reigndeer Entertainment

Work With John

John is available for One-on-One Sessions, Small Group Workshops and Team Training Events (Zoom or In-Person).  Discover the effective techniques to transform your speaking voice into a more confident, compelling voice.


 John will help identify Key Elements to elevate your vocal potential: 

  •  Your best, captivating vocal sound
  •  The power of vocal resonance
  •  How to keep listeners interested, even when covering dry material
  •  Using your voice to emotionally connect with your audience


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